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Final Exterminators

Final Exterminators is a company dedicated to providing the safest means of eliminating pests while maintaining satisfied customers. We care about your family, your health and your personal satisfaction with the service we provide. With Final Exterminators, the customer is #1.

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Da Jerk Chicken
  • Private Chef

  • Food Truck

  • Meal Prepping

  • Catering

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Hidden Beach Recordings

Hidden Beach Recordings is an American independent record label specializing in urban alternative, R&B, soul, inspirational and contemporary jazz genres. Hidden Beach was formed in 1998 by Steven McKeever. The label holds a distribution deal with Universal Music Group.

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Triller is an entertainment video platform built for creators, a social video community. The Triller app is driven by artificial intelligence which enables users to make professional-looking videos in a matter of seconds.

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Light Life Fitness, Inc.

Many struggle with their image because of public(family, friends, social media, enemies, etc) opinion, but God has inspired me to take Light Life Fitness and my personal journey to teach people how to not live for people, rather to live for their purpose! I personally believe every purpose is given by God's Grace and so in light of this revelation, one should transform the way they think about fitness and enjoy the process!​ 

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TAPS (Ted Atkatz Percussion Seminar)

Established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2015, TAPS is an international education organization. Its mission is to provide world-class instruction in the percussive arts to students of all ages and backgrounds. TAPS maintains a rotating roster of faculty, all of whom have received critical acclaim within the musical community for their performance, composition, or educational specialties.

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Nyanza Shaw

At Shaw Esquire, we represent creatives and business entities and provide forward looking legal representation focused on growth and innovation.   Our approach to representation reflects that we are vested in our clients’ success and elevation.  Going beyond merely handling transactions, we focus on helping to build the client’s brand. Your success is our goal!

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